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Range of iHealti Healthy Drinks.

Healthy~ Beauty ~ Lively..
the beauty of health is ..
the beauty of life..

Many individuals start to look after their healthy only after they suffer a major chronic disease like a heart attack.

i-Healti Q10 > for healthy heart.

i-Healti Q10 is an antioxidant dietary supplement coenzyme Q-Tech poured with red grape juice as a soft drink volume CoQ10 up to 29 mg in 100 ml from proper minimum amount of 30 mg required to keep the body healthy comparing estimated only 5 mg of CoQ10 received each day from normal diet.  Drink ‘i-Healti Q10’ everyday and stay healthy always.

CoQ10 energizes HEART. .  CoQ10 is strong antioxidant.


i-Healti Q10 Lite > for heart

New i-Healti Q10 Lite come with 29 mg CoQ10 same as i-Healti Q10 in white grape juice with no sugar added, no preservative and only 15 kcal is an answer for health conscious person who concerns about sugar and calorie.  So you can enjoy healthy whenever you need! No more worry about calorie!  Get healthy everyday in “light in calorie, fully with CoQ10 benefit” style.

Drink ‘i-Healti Q10’ everyday and stay healthy always.

i-Healti gac > for body shield.

i-Healti gac newest product contain gac fruit juice drink with 14 mg lycopene per bottle can help fighting free radical, risk of cancer also contains high beta-carotene and 84 mg of vitamin C which can help in improving immunity.

gac – the best protective shield of your healthy life.

About the Manufactured.

Otsuka Saha Asia Research Co., Ltd. (OSAR) is a joint venture between Saha Pathanapibul Public Co., Ltd. (SPC); one of the large distributors in Thailand and Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (OPC); a global health care company which focusing its business on pharmaceutical and consumer products in Japan and worldwide.

Established in October 2003, OSAR aim to create Nutraceutical products for improving the health of people in Thailand. The Nutraceuticals, (Nutrition+Pharmaceutical), contribute to day-to-day wellness by preventing chronic disease.

In 2007, ‘i-Healti Q10’ was first launched to market. Drinkable CoQ10, CoQ10 29 mg in red grape juice that CoQ10 is drinkable anytime anywhere for serving Thai health conscious consumer.

Follwing year in 2008, as for answer many requests from consumer to have CoQ10 drink with calories worried, Thus, OSAR introduced ‘i-Healti Q10 lite’ CoQ10 29 mg drink with only 15 calories and no sugar added.

As OSAR is leader of health care product, in 2008 the first ‘Gac fruit’ ready to drink was lauched. ‘i-Healti gac’gac fruit juice with high lycopene, beta-carotene and vitamin C the first ready to drink in Thailand.

Our innovative products are promoting health and beauty for Thai people, creating new market, and providing new solutions for unmeet health needs for Thai consumers. We emphasize on creativity and originality in the process of development of our products. The originality of OSAR products also comes from our mother company from Japan-OPC which provides total health care under its corporate philosophy of “Otsuka-people creating new products for better health worldwide”.

At the same time, our effort also goes to provide a constant stream of useful information on heath and nutrition to Thai consumers.

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